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Review: The Stache, Grand Rapids, MI June 18, 2014

As Austin’s Escovedo put it from the stage at the very onset, his current tour with dynamic violinist Susan Voelz is about “the songwriting, the songs and the storytelling.” His 90-minute-plus show was certainly all about that, with Escovedo introducing each song with a tale about its origins – whether inspired by his father, travels as a child or his near-fatal bout with hepatitis C – then mesmerizing the pindrop-quiet audience with… Read More

Health restored, Escovedo looks forward to LR show

Like other musicians, Alejandro Escovedo has sought to shape a career that’s a mix of fame, fortune and critical acclaim, but unlike most of his peers, he has had the additional challenge of remaining alive. Escovedo has managed to come out on top in his survival struggle, after having battled back from hepatitis C. He reports he’s in good shape these days. “I take care of myself and eat healthy,” he says.… Read More

Lexington favorite Alejandro Escovedo returns to Natasha’s for acoustic Sunday show

If any national touring artist can truly be considered a local favorite, it’s Alejandro Escovedo. Ever since his Lexington debut 18 years ago this month, the champion Texas song stylist has established a devout following through songs rooted equally in rich, family-themed Americana and buoyant, elemental rock ‘n’ roll. As a result, a guessing game as to what kind of band setting he would play in often prefaced Escovedo’s local performances. Would… Read More
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