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Alejandro Escovedo’s ruminations on the immigrant experience led him to ‘The Crossing’

James Sullivan /Boston Globe/January 17, 2019 Diego is a Mexican-American attending a San Antonio wedding in the 1980s. A retired Texas Ranger sits down and asks him to introduce himself. “What kind of wetback name is that?” the lawman asks. This imaginary scene of casual racism, which appears in a spoken-word interlude on Alejandro Escovedo’s latest album, “The Crossing,” is based on actual events, the singer says. “The Crossing” tells the story… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo’s concept album spins a new story about the American dream

Ed Condran/The News & Observer/January 11, 2019 NANCY RANKIN ESCOVEDO Alejandro Escovedo’s latest album, “The Crossing,” tells the story of Diego from Mexico and Salvo from Italy, two men who arrive in the United States to live out a dream. The immigrants long to live in the country that inspired them, courtesy of visceral punk rock, quirky film and deep literature. While the story may sound timely, the seeds for “The Crossing”… Read More

Austin 360: Alejandro Escovedo makes powerful statement with ‘The Crossing’ at the Paramount

Peter Blackstock/Austin 360/January 6, 2018 – Alejandro Escovedo wasn’t actually onstage when the key line from his concert-presentation of “The Crossing” emerged: “The border crossed me, I didn’t cross it!” Voiced from a pre-recorded track for dramatic effect as the Italian band Don Antonio played behind it, that line from the song “Rio Navidad” sums up the substance and emotion that Escovedo and bandleader Antonio Gramentieri expressed on “The Crossing,” one of… Read More
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