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With love for our friend Scott McCaughey #ScottTheHoople

A Special Message from Alejandro for Scott McCaughey I met Scott McCaughey in Seattle when I was in the True Believers and Scott was in the Young Fresh Fellows, we were both opening for Los Lobos, I believe it was 1983 or 1984. We all ended up on stage that night playing ‘Louie Louie’ with Los Lobos. The after party was at the famous Edgewater Inn, where Scott and I shared our… Read More

Bloodshot Re-Releases “A Man Under the Influence” Deluxe Edition

A MAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE: DELUXE BOURBONITIS EDITION LIMITED EDITION DOUBLE LP in a gatefold package BACK IN PRINT Thank you to our friends Nan Warshaw and Rob Miller at Bloodshot Records for putting together this special, limited edition double LP in a gatefold package, which includes a digital download of the album. This is the first time since 2009, commemorating the 15th anniversary of “A Man Under the Influence” that the… Read More

Alejandro Featured in Smithsonian Rock and Roll, Live & Unseen: The People’s Pictures

Billboard Magazine – “Perhaps more than any other genre, rock n’ roll is as much about the live experience as the recorded work. From Elvis Presley wiggling his hips to the Rolling Stones causing teenagers to lose their minds and tear venues apart to Bruce Springsteen’s stadium domination, live concerts are an integral part of rock’s story. A new book from the Smithsonian, written by longtime music industry veteran Bill Bentley, shines… Read More
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