Celebrating the re-release for the second time since 2002; the first time ever on vinyl, Alejandro’s first two solo albums, Gravity and Thirteen Years on New West Records .  It’s a double celebration, as this release is in conjunction with Record Store Day, April 16, 2016.  Alejandro is recording his new record in Portland with Peter Buck (REM, The Minus Five, Todos Santos Fesitval founder) and Scott McCaughey (The Minus Five, Baseball Project) at the helm, and will do an in-store at Portland’s Music Millennium at 8p.

From No Depression in 2002

In 1991, Alejandro Escovedo turned 40 and also turned a corner personally and artistically. In the liner notes to the newly reissued Gravity, he writes, “One day the world stopped spinning until it took on the proportions of a lifetime, never to be the same again — out of this deafening roar Gravity was born.”

“On Thirteen Years the orchestral hope takes a grand leap forward. A small string section of Susan Voelz, David Perales, Frank Kammerdiener and Danny Levin worked out arrangements that heightened the emotional contours of the songs without overwhelming the story lines. Strings have rarely been used so deftly in rock music: They didn’t just lend atmosphere, they sounded inseparable from the heart and soul of the material.”

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Thanks to Peter Jesperson at New West Records and Terry Currier at Music Millennium.

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