“Heartbeat Smile…as Escovedo sings about lost friends and found hopes, he also serves up a joyful reminder of good times—even if they’re laced with an air of melancholy. It’s the sort of song that made Escovedo a songwriter’s songwriter in the first place.” –  Texas Monthly 

We are so proud to be on this list, we love Little Steven the man, and Underground Garage on Sirius XM.  He has been a friend and supporter for many years and we are grateful; were on this list in 2012 with Big Station’s “Man of The World”.  Every year, Little Steven creates a way for fans to get involved and vote for their “Coolest Song of the Year.”  Each week Steven highlights a track that he deems “Coolest Song in the World” and he chose “Heartbeat Smile” in November, shortly after Burn Something Beautiful was released (Oct 28).  Now that it is the end of the year, Steven is counting down the weekly picks and having his listeners go online and vote for the song that will soon be named the “Coolest Song of the Year.” We would love your support to put “Heartbeat Smile” in the top spot.

Vote once a day, every day until December 24!  Click here #coolestsongintheworld2016