A Special Message from Alejandro for Scott McCaughey

I met Scott McCaughey in Seattle when I was in the True Believers and Scott was in the Young Fresh Fellows, we were both opening for Los Lobos, I believe it was 1983 or 1984. We all ended up on stage that night playing ‘Louie Louie’ with Los Lobos. The after party was at the famous Edgewater Inn, where Scott and I shared our love for Mott the Hoople and other English rock n roll combos, but it was Mott that sealed our friendship. Over the years we have run into each other on the road and whenever I would play the northwest Scott would show his support for whatever project I was presenting at the time. Four years ago we finally were able to play together and along with Peter Buck we co wrote “Burn Something Beautiful” with Scott and Peter producing. We made an album I am extremely proud of and the experience was very creative and it flowed effortlessly. Scott is an amazing producer, full of ideas, always positive and always brings a smile to the proceedings.

Two days ago Scott suffered a stroke and is stable but in good care. We were forced to postpone the remainder of our west coast tour but will return as soon as Scott is able. I’ve met a lot of people in this business (over forty years) and Scott is truly one of the finest. Please send all of your positive energy towards Scott and his family. He will return as he always has…a champion!

I love Scott the Hoople!