State Ireland /Cara Gigney /April 3, 2017 – Alejandro Escovedo – punk–alt country-roots rocker, writer, legend – started out in the worst band in the world.


Way back in his teens, he and his friends made a film. “The Worst Band in the World was like the way Spinal Tap was made I guess; a mockumentary.” He was laughing at the memory as he cast his mind back to his teenage self. “We were trying to make a documentary about the worst band in the world, also believing that rock and roll can only truly be played by adolescents … It was all about this character getting older and wondering where he would end up, so he ended up with the worst band in the world … The old person in the video, who was getting older, was like 19 years old.”

Now several decades older than that old guy in the film, Escovedo has a lifetime of history making experience that should just about pass muster with the young man who made that video. His punk band The Nuns supported the Sex Pistols at their final show at Winterland in San Francisco in ’78. The ‘80’s saw the punk in Escovedo meld with his new base in Austin Texas, with innovative alt-country punk band Rank and File, and after that, the tight guitar rock and punk based True Believers. It wasn’t until 1992 that he brought out his first solo album Gravity. A vast collection of albums have followed since, and he released his latest, Burn Something Beautiful last year.

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