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Paste Magazine Feature – Musical Travelers: The Mekons, Beirut and Alejandro Escovedo learn from the land

Geoffrey Himes/May 2, 2019 – There is a crucial difference between tourists and travelers. Tourists are on vacation; they’re vacating their usual roles in life to get some rest and relaxation. They want to be amused by their new surroundings, but they don’t want to get too involved. And there’s nothing wrong with that; we all need some R&R from time to time. Travelers, by contrast, are not leaving work behind; they’re… Read More

La Provincia Preview: Alejandro Escovedo promises a magical “live” in Cantù

Google Translation Italian to English Full article La Provincia Two years ago he was the protagonist of a memorable performance: today return to the 1e35Circa. The best concert in the long history of the Canturino club All’Unaetrentacinquecirca? Difficult to establish: legendary moments have not been lacking, from the incursions of characters like Joe Henry at the very beginning, not to mention Capossela, whose name pays homage, the unforgettable presence of Rick Danko , the exuberant Popa Chubby , the first performance… Read More

Concert Review: Alejandro Escovedo Sings To A New Zealand That Is Forever Changed

Radio 13/by Roger Bowie/March 18, 2019 Should I stay or should I go? This was my dilemma last Friday evening as the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings unfolded on national TV and other media. Earlier I’d had the privilege of meeting Alejandro Escovedo, his wife Nancy, and support act, Christchurch’s very own Adam McGrath, at an interview and song session at the 13th Floor, with Marty Duda. It was unreal… Read More
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