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Vote for “Heartbeat Smile” For Coolest Song in the World 2016

“Heartbeat Smile…as Escovedo sings about lost friends and found hopes, he also serves up a joyful reminder of good times—even if they’re laced with an air of melancholy. It’s the sort of song that made Escovedo a songwriter’s songwriter in the first place.” –  Texas Monthly  We are so proud to be on this list, we love Little Steven the man, and Underground Garage on Sirius XM.  He has been a… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo: An Irresistible Offer

By Natalia Arriaga/ Magnetofono in Spain/November 3, 2016 Once upon a time a musician with a long history, with a life rich in experiences of all kinds and a long list of friends and admirers thought that one day, ‘come, I will record another album’. He took the agenda and thus pull, engaged in the project Peter Buck (REM ), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Kurt Bloch… Read More

Texas Monthly Exclusive Song Premiere: Heartbeat Smile

TEXAS MONTHLY/DAN SOLOMON/SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 Photo: Nancy Rankin Escovedo Exclusive Song Premiere: Alejandro Escovedo Announces His New Album With A “Heartbeat Smile” Alejandro Escovedo is the definition of a songwriter’s songwriter. While his own career has been a modest success, the biggest names in music adore the guy’s work. Bruce Springsteen calls him up at his own shows, and has appeared on Escovedo’s recordings. Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown featured him as a… Read More

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