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With love for our friend Scott McCaughey #ScottTheHoople

A Special Message from Alejandro for Scott McCaughey I met Scott McCaughey in Seattle when I was in the True Believers and Scott was in the Young Fresh Fellows, we were both opening for Los Lobos, I believe it was 1983 or 1984. We all ended up on stage that night playing ‘Louie Louie’ with Los Lobos. The after party was at the famous Edgewater Inn, where Scott and I shared our… Read More

Burn Something Beautiful: 2016 Highlight of Real Rock ‘n Roll

By John Buckley/Tulip Frenzy/November 5, 2016 Rock’n’roll is a derivative art form that as a genre of popular music has lasted an unusually long time.  The distance stretching back to when the Beatles hit our shores is longer than the period between World War I and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”  Yeah, World War I. So one factor that surely influences our appreciation of artists is which antecedent sensibilities inform their work… Read More

Rock and Roll Radio/Alejandro Escovedo Padre mariachi, fratelli musicisti, nipote famosa. E lui? In Italia per concerti, racconta la sua storia… Di Michele Bisceglia – Rolling Stone Italia 20 LUGLIO 2012

Alejandro Escovedo, Foto Matteo Donda “It’s a mistery”. Perché un giorno della fine degli anni Cinquanta la famiglia Escovedo abbia lasciato San Antonio è veramente un mistero. Fatto sta che se ne sono andati in California e lì sono rimasti: “Ho lasciato il Texas quando avevo 8 anni”, racconta divertito Alejandro: “Mio padre ci disse: Andiamo in vacanza in California. Ma non siamo mai più tornati indietro, ci siamo lasciati tutto alle… Read More

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