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Alejandro Escovedo brings energy, rawness

  Bob Gendron/Chicago Tribune/January 27, 2017 – Alejandro Escovedo and an ace backing group performed at a professional space Thursday at City Winery, but they sure didn’t act like it. Their go-for-broke spirit and amps-cranked-to-10 buzz suggested the sound of a hungry, young band woodshedding in their parents’ basement. Never mind the members’ salt-and-pepper hair or weathered looks. Over the course of 80 minutes, the grizzled veterans were teenagers back in a… Read More

From Rock Bottom to Rebirth: The album is a room wrecker

Gret Kot/Chicago Tribune, Pilotonline/January 13, 2017 Alejandro Escovedo had hit something close to rock bottom. He was struggling with hepatitis C and had barely survived a life-threatening hurricane on his honeymoon in Mexico, only to spend the next year working out from under the trauma. As Escovedo emerged from that toxic environment, a song titled “I Don’t Want to Play Guitar Anymore” made perfect sense. The idea seemed unimaginable for a guy… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo: An Irresistible Offer

By Natalia Arriaga/ Magnetofono in Spain/November 3, 2016 Once upon a time a musician with a long history, with a life rich in experiences of all kinds and a long list of friends and admirers thought that one day, ‘come, I will record another album’. He took the agenda and thus pull, engaged in the project Peter Buck (REM ), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Kurt Bloch… Read More
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