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Alejandro Escovedo: An Irresistible Offer

By Natalia Arriaga/ Magnetofono in Spain/November 3, 2016 Once upon a time a musician with a long history, with a life rich in experiences of all kinds and a long list of friends and admirers thought that one day, ‘come, I will record another album’. He took the agenda and thus pull, engaged in the project Peter Buck (REM ), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Kurt Bloch… Read More

Burn Something Beautiful: 2016 Highlight of Real Rock ‘n Roll

By John Buckley/Tulip Frenzy/November 5, 2016 Rock’n’roll is a derivative art form that as a genre of popular music has lasted an unusually long time.  The distance stretching back to when the Beatles hit our shores is longer than the period between World War I and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”  Yeah, World War I. So one factor that surely influences our appreciation of artists is which antecedent sensibilities inform their work… Read More
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