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Rock and Roll Radio/Alejandro Escovedo Padre mariachi, fratelli musicisti, nipote famosa. E lui? In Italia per concerti, racconta la sua storia… Di Michele Bisceglia – Rolling Stone Italia 20 LUGLIO 2012

Alejandro Escovedo, Foto Matteo Donda “It’s a mistery”. Perché un giorno della fine degli anni Cinquanta la famiglia Escovedo abbia lasciato San Antonio è veramente un mistero. Fatto sta che se ne sono andati in California e lì sono rimasti: “Ho lasciato il Texas quando avevo 8 anni”, racconta divertito Alejandro: “Mio padre ci disse: Andiamo in vacanza in California. Ma non siamo mai più tornati indietro, ci siamo lasciati tutto alle… Read More

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO Exploring the world around him, from the streets of Mexico to the sky – Juli Thanki, M Music & Musicians Magazine – June 2012

Exploring the world around him, from the streets of Mexico to the sky Austin-based singer and songwriter Alejandro Escovedo often finds himself pigeonholed as an alt-country act. But the man who—lest we forget—was a founding member of pioneering punk band the Nuns and roots-rockers Rank and File and True Believers, is a rocker at heart. “If you look at my solo records and the bands I’ve been in, at the core of… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo at St Bonaventures – Charley Dunlap, Listomania Bath

Alejandro Escovedo has a remarkable past; just to listen to him talk about it, which he did at length in his St Bonaventures appearance, is fascinating. He is a very good storyteller, plainspoken and direct, with humility and quiet humour — much like his songs. Alejandro came from a musical Mexican-American family, one of 13 siblings, 8 of whom are professional musicians, two, leaders of well known salsa bands in California. But… Read More

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