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Two years ago he was the protagonist of a memorable performance: today return to the 1e35Circa.

The best concert in the long history of the Canturino club All’Unaetrentacinquecirca? Difficult to establish: legendary moments have not been lacking, from the incursions of characters like Joe Henry at the very beginning, not to mention Capossela, whose name pays homage, the unforgettable presence of Rick Danko , the exuberant Popa Chubby , the first performance of Bocephus King (20 years old this fall), the Irish Hothouse Flowers , the list is very long and ends, for now, with the Texan Rex Foster, on the stage of via Papa Giovanni XXIII 7 the other night.

Many aficionados, however, have no doubts: Alejandro Escovedo’s live with Don Antonio in March two years ago was unforgettable, simply perfect. This evening, Monday 29 April, there will be an opportunity to recreate that magic. Same place, same band, the one led by the formidable guitarist Antonio Gramentieri , we hope the same audience (because it was also the response of those present to transform it into a memorable evening: the concert is also done by those who are off stage). Same songs? Yes, but let’s also wait for new ones since there’s a great record.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Escovedo is an eclectic character, who in a long career starting with the punk of The Nuns . Leaving that band, in the eighties he stood out among the ranks of Rank and File and True Believers . His solo debut, “Gravity”, was hailed as a masterpiece and Alejandro was crowned “Most Important Musician of the Nineties” by the specialized magazine “No Depression”