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“Some of the most galvanizing rock ‘n’ roll shows we’ve ever seen”

A different side of the rocker at Narrow Falls Center for the Performing arts with trio.  Music Scene-Millford Daily News/Jay Miller/July 23, 2016 Some of the most galvanizing rock ‘n’ roll shows we’ve ever seen have come from Austin, Texas songwriter Alejandro Escovedo, within the past few years. But it was a markedly different side of the songsmith on display Friday night at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River,… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo – “True American gem”

Innocent Words  Magazine & Records / Troy Michael /July 4, 2016   “If anyone ever deserved to have their albums remastered and put back on wax, it is certainly Alejandro Escovedo. He is a true American gem…” Alejandro Escovedo Gravity; Thirteen Years [Deluxe Reissue] (New West/Watermelon) Alejandro Escovedo is one of the most prolific, not to mention underrated singer/songwriters of the last 20 years. The son of Mexican immigrants, Escovedo cut his… Read More

Alejandro Escovedo – a “songwriter’s songwriter”

Alejandro Escovedo is still listening, still learning Daniel Durcholz / Go Magazine / Twangfest Preview , Off Broadway, St. Louis / June 9, 2016 Photo Courtesy of Associated press Alejandro Escovedo still pays attention to the musical masters. Never mind that many would regard Escovedo, 65, as a master himself, having come up through the ranks playing punk rock and cowpunk with his bands the Nuns, Rank and File, and True Believers,… Read More
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