Artsplosure Review: Alejandro Escovedo, A Fan’s Notes

By David Menconi/ Piedmont Laureate/ May 19, 2019 – Alejandro Escovedo played in Raleigh Sunday to close out this year’s Artsplosure Festival, a show that had a few things working against it — wilting late-day heat, the not-great acoustics of loud music in outdoor spaces, weariness after an all-night drive down from New York and a pickup lineup not entirely familiar with all the songs in the setlist. “We’re, uh, loose today,”… Read More

Show Preview: Alejandro Escovedo’s music history in Protest, Immigration and Politics – Harvester Performance Center, May 15

Editorial: Bang, bang, trouble in America/Roanoke Times/May 14, 2019 Some singers sing protest songs. Alejandro Escovedo’s protest was to not sing a song. In 2005, the Texas musician — who has managed to merge his diverse roots in punk rock and alternative country into a single style — learned that his most popular song, “Castanets,” was on President George W. Bush’s iPod. That wasn’t so surprising. Bush liked a lot of what… Read More

Folk & Tumble Review: Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival at Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast

By Damian McNairney/ Photos by Gerry McNally/May 5, 2019 – Over the past 45 years, Alejandro Escovedo, has been constantly reinventing himself; punk, balladeer, rocker, country singer, playwright, street poet and chronicler of our times, Tonight we get it all in an exhilarating show lasting 2 hours and more. There is a style and grace about the man and the performer, that evades most on the circuit, yet for Alejandro, it is… Read More
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